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Dave Bartley

Dave Bartley plays guitar, mandolin, cittern, and several other stringed instruments. He has played many styles of music over the years and continues to range over several genres. He has performed throughout the US and Canada, and in England, Australia, France and Greece. It is difficult to count the number of bands in which he plays.

Dave has composed over 300 dance tunes. A waltz he wrote and KGB recorded, The Clock Stopped, is used to teach cross-step waltz in much of the US and other parts of the world. A reel he wrote, Vladi on the Trans-Siberian, seems to be popping up at dances and jam sessions all over the place, including on five recordings (see below).

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Avant Gardeners Asheville


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Dave is a member of these bands

  • KGB - One of the seminal avant garde contra dance bands, together since 1993, with Julie King and Claude Ginsburg. KGB also plays for couple dances, English Country Dance (as MI-5), and concerts.
  • Contra Sutra - An exciting contra dance band with Marni Rachmiel, Ryan McKasson, and Russell S or another percussionist.
  • Roguery - A versatile English (and contra) dance band with Anita Anderson, Shira Kammen, and Jim Oakden.
  • Bag o'Tricks (aka Tricky Brits) - A contra dance and English Country Dance band with Anita Anderson, Betsy Cooper and Sande Gillette.
  • Valse Café Orchestra - Viennese waltzes and other ballroom dance music from latin to swing.
  • Bands with fiddler Rodney Miller: Spin with Anita Anderson; The Intoxicators with Marni Rachmiel.
Photo by Paul Bestock

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